• Proficia Provides Job Retraining with Government Funds

    Job seekers who visit the CalJOBS website can now find Proficia listed as a training provider. Proficia offers three 10- to 12-week pre-apprenticeship programs in technical fields: web development, data analytics, and computer-aided drafting. The goal of each program is to prepare trainees to go into an apprenticeship or work-based…

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  • Proficia Demo Day

    Community College Students Pitch Their Tech Portfolios to Employers For the past three months, ten LA-area community college students have been building skills in electronics, embedded programming, computer-aided drafting (CAD), and rapid prototyping. The students participate in weekly hands-on courses with Proficia’s instructors, meet one-on-one with technical mentors and career…

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  • What’s the future of tech jobs in Los Angeles?

    Authors: Sebastian De Vivo and Jocelyn Graf The City of Los Angeles has released Building L.A.’s Tech Talent Pipeline: A Sector Report on the Information Technology Industry, a report focusing on the state of the tech workforce in the Los Angeles metropolitan area in 2017. Download the report. With unprecedented…

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  • LA Community College Students in Tech

    LA Community College Students Build Technical Portfolios

    Highly motivated community college students often focus on transferring to a four-year university to earn a traditional bachelor’s degree. But the community colleges are also a great place for talented students to learn a skill and then move directly into a job. Community colleges are more affordable than four-year schools…

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