Hardware from Concept to Custom Build

Proficia’s engineers can integrate AI and blockchain technology, web and mobile apps into your product. We specialize in experiential robotics: AI-enabled robots that work and play with people, instead of replacing people. 


Jocelyn Graf
Jocelyn Graf
Founder and CEO

Jocelyn trains and leads the Proficia team and promotes her concept of experiential robotics.

Eduardo Pineda
Eduardo Pineda
Training Director

Eduardo contributes expertise in education, computer-aided drafting, and project management.

Tech for People

We ensure that tech serves people by integrating education, technology, talent, and process.


Our technical experts have the communication skills to keep your people informed and involved throughout a project. Our trainers know how to implement, not just explain.


We identify and implement software and data analysis tools that preserve an organization’s values and the best of its culture as the organization scales.


We recruit our team members from the community events and projects we sponsor. We are able to verify the quality of their work firsthand through civic data and community-based coding projects.


We invite your people to participate in the entire process of implementing new technology: from needs analysis, to finding or building solutions, to implementing tools and training new users.

We Work with People Data

Proficia’s data scientists and engineers focus on data about and for people. Data that reveals patterns of communication, behavior, and learning. Data that helps organizations better serve their clients, members, and employees. We implement tools and algorithms for data analysis in media, healthcare, education, government, social services, and sustainability.


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