Proficia Launches Engineering Firm for Tech Job Creation

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Proficia is launching a social enterprise to create tech jobs through an apprenticeship with engineers. Over the summer, we trained our first cohort of electronics technicians. Some have decided to return to college, and we have helped others find jobs. One of the trainees will be joining the Proficia engineering team as a paid apprentice to continue building electronics and hardware programming skills.

A social enterprise is a for-profit business, but it has a mission like a non-profit. Our mission is increasing access to middle- and high-skill tech jobs for people underrepresented in those fields. Our goal is to continue partnering with nonprofit organizations to provide training in tech skills for people with barriers to employment. At the same time, we’re building for-profit businesses that can employ some of our trainees as apprentices under our trainers.

Although we accept contracts funded through grants to our partners and are open to donations, our model is to create self-sufficient technical services firms that operate like regular businesses and are not vulnerable to the boom-bust cycle of grant funding.

Our team designs and builds custom embedded systems. Motion-activated lighting, smart irrigation systems, and robots are all examples of embedded systems.

Based in Los Angeles, Proficia’s design team is specially equipped to provide services to the entertainment industry. We work with set designers, prop houses, event planners, and bar and restaurant owners to create special effects and unique interactive experiences. Our custom work can impress visitors to pop-up spaces and parties, captivate audiences at theaters and concert halls, and create immersive experiences at theme parks.

Designing and building an embedded system involves creating a physical system and programming its computer “brain”, or microcontroller, to focus on a specific task. Our mechanical and computer engineers have the capacity to build systems that include artificial intelligence, and we can integrate with the “internet of things”. We can link to smart home systems with protocols like Alexa, Nest, Zigbee, and others. We can also link our systems to mobile apps through Zapier, IFTTT, or APIs.

Our designs go beyond the basic control of physical systems. They can be immersive, interactive, and intelligent. For events, we use sensors and motors so that guests participate with their five senses. The systems can then respond to the participants’ behavior, creating a one-of-a-kind human-computer interaction. But we can take it further with artificial intelligence: our systems can observe human behavior over time and adjust to better interact in ways that will impress or surprise participants.

In addition to designing, building, and programming custom embedded systems, Proficia’s team can assist with mechanical and materials design. We can also add a data gathering and analytics component. Proficia’s services also go beyond the core engineering design process to include project and product management, research, documentation, and training. In addition, we can repair existing systems or enhance them with artificial intelligence.

You can support our mission of tech job creation by 1) hiring us to do engineering work, 2) connecting us with potential customers in your network, and 3) spreading the word in person and through social media.

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