Who: Beginner to intermediate Python programmers

When: Saturday, July 16, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM (PDT)

Where: Los Angeles City College – 855 North Vermont Avenue Science & Tech Bldg. (Not Life Sciences!) #208, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Topic: Building a well-organized data store from different types of web data.


      techniques for collecting data: web scraping, API querying, and automated form navigation.



      how to pipeline the data-gathering process.



    to efficiently organize code with object-oriented design principles so that changes in data source, shape, or organization can be easily incorporated.

Instructor: Sev Leonard is a freelance data scientist and Python developer. Sev brings his expertise in text analytics, feature engineering for machine learning, and real-time systems. www.datascout.com

From a PyCon 2016 class attendee:

“I had the opportunity recently to take a short course that Sev developed and taught at the PyCon Conference in Portland, OR. The course was excellent: the content was appropriate for the audience, the materials shared were of high quality, and the pace of instruction was spot on. More importantly, Sev did a terrific job of organizing the content itself, and in presenting it in a repetitive (I don’t mean that in a negative sense) way that reinforced the concepts by drawing a helpful contrast between ways to do things that were already familiar and ways to do things that were assumed to be new to the audience. Beyond all that, Sev had an easy-going, friendly, approachable yet highly competent technical style that made for a really effective and value-added tutorial experience for me. I highly recommend Sev for his technical acumen and for his ability to communicate and share that expertise with others.”

Example application: The methods presented in this course are based on the development of the backend data store for campnear.me, a resource for finding nearby camping opportunities by consolidating multiple data sources of recreation information.

Tools: The instructor will share a Docker container that includes Python 3, MySQL, SQLAlchemy, Selenium, and the Python libraries BeautifulSoup, Requests, and Bokeh. The training materials will be presented in an interactive browser-based Jupyter notebook.

Required Prep: Download and install free Docker software. Anyone who cannot get the test notebook running in advance must show up at least 30 minutes early to get help with installation.

Download Docker free here: https://www.docker.com/products/docker

GitHub repo, with instructions for getting the test notebook running: https://github.com/gizm00/pycon2016

Bonus! Find a secret code after successfully running the test_notebook. The secret code gives a $50 discount on the workshop fee.

Lunch: There will be a one-hour lunch break. There are many restaurants within walking distance of the training site.