Success in Mexico’s business environment requires


  • In-person meetings to signal genuine interest
  • Relational rather than transactional purchasing
  • Mediators who are not encumbered by obligations to the parties involved


Hire Proficia’s team to do exploratory visits to Mexico in advance of the Trade Tour to explore market potential in Mexico, identify strategic business partnerships, and develop trade opportunities.




With over 50 years of combined experience in the international space among our experts, Proficia brings a unique combination of core capacities and existing relationships.


Core Capacities:


  • • Spanish language / Latin American cultural competence
  • • Relevant contacts and bilingual staff presence in Mexico and LA
  • • Skills negotiating in relational business cultures
  •  International work experience in government-dominated markets
  • • Neutral, authoritative status among the parties involved in Mexico
  • • Familiarity with the cleantech space and co-location at the LA Cleantech Incubator




  • • Assist participating companies with applications to the CA state ICEP grant to partially fund Trade Tour participation
  • • Work to ensure that Trade Tour participants realize a successful initial entry into Mexico by understanding the regulatory environment, conducting appropriate cost analyses, and identifying unique market needs
  • • Help secure strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships with Mexican government officials
  • • Help secure initial sales agreements with partners in Mexico



Contact us for further information about how we can help your company find success in Mexico.